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After having written a three page tutorial on some basic C# programming concepts, (if you haven’t read it, the first part is here: C# Classes, C# Methods and C# Objects) I’ve realised that if this website is entitled, C# Programming for Absolute Beginners, I’m going to have to go back to the absolute basics.

So, in line with this I’ve decided to write a series of C# Training Courses on the absolute basics of C# programming.  These tutorials will aim to teach basic programming to you, even if you’ve never read code before. 

I will use plenty of C# examples and sample C# source code – this should help you become familiar with how the code is used, and help you to recognise the basic building blocks of programs.  The tutorials will help you to understand how to use C# code, and accomplish this all in bite [byte?] ;-) sized chunks.

These mini C# training courses will cover many different aspects of C# development some of which are:

(These are all I can think of now - I know there is a lot more and I will cover plenty more as I go)

Beginners Guide to C# Programming Syntax: 
What are those curly brackets there for?  What is public, private?  Where do I put what?  How do I write code that actually does something?

When I started out these were the sort of questions that I had and didn’t want to ask because I though I would sound (and look) stupid.

A Basic Windows Programming Tutorial: 
How to create forms.  Naming conventions.  Getting and using user input.

Web Development - What is ASP.NET? 
Web development in C#.  Differences to Windows Programming.

Database Programming - What is SQL?
What are databases?  Why do we need to use them?  Database access using C#.

Along the way I’ll probably cover more intermediate subjects and one or two advanced concepts.  I’ll try and remember to indicate whether or not I consider the programming to be Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced, but the majority will be aimed at beginners.

If I don’t get through all these subjects in the same order please don’t shoot me – this is really just a rough guide for me as much as you.
Somewhere along the line, once I have enough content up, I’ll add a contents page for easier navigation through the mini courses / tutorials.

For now, if you feel you want to follow these tutorials, please note that I use a few different tools when programming.  These are the ones I generally use and will refer a lot to during the tutorials.  You can download them all from their respective websites but initially you will only need Visual C# 2008 Express Edition.

If you already have these then you are all set!

Visual C# 2008 Express Edition


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