C# Programming for Absolute Beginners | Job Sites

In my previous post about C# beginner programmers' job search I spoke about using online job boards/sites to help you to find that elusive programming job.  

Here are some job sites that I’ve been looking at and have signed up to, to get you started.
Note that there is a bias toward South African sites because this is after all where I live.
Warning:  It won’t take you five minutes (unless you find what you want instantly – not likely).
Before searching make sure you have your CV nearby and be prepared to spend some time browsing and signing up. 

Local: (South Africa)

Pastel Job Site http://www.pnet.co.za/
General.  It’s worth looking through.

Studio29 - http://www.studio29.co.za/
Specialising in IT.

Career Junction - http://www.careerjunction.co.za/
General job board


Monster.com – http://www.monster.com/
Huge general job board.

UK jobs net - http://www.ukjobsnet.co.uk/
Smaller UK based board

It would seem that most computer programming and web programming jobs out there are available online.  This is because (in my opinion) most potential employers expect programmers (quite rightly) to have some sort of access to the internet.